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mid5Leasing Mobility Scooters and Powerchairs

Heart of England Mobility Ltd are specialists in leasing mobility scooters and powerchairs in the Midlands. Choose from our fantastic range of Rascal mobility scooters (including transportable mobility scooters, mid-sized mobility scooters and performance mobility scooters) and powerchairs (including compact powerchairs, mid-range powerchairs and mid-wheel powerchairs). You’ll find that we can supply you with the right mobility scooter or powerchair for you.

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What really sets us apart from other suppliers is our leasing packages for mobility scooters and powerchairs, because we haven’t seen anyone in the UK with lease prices lower than ours, even Motability!

The Facts About Leasing Mobility Scooters and Powerchairs

We’re delighted that our customers can now lease their mobility scooter or powerchair for incredibly low monthly amounts. In fact we are cheaper than Motability for our range of mobility scooters and powerchairs. Leasing is the best way to enjoy a mobility scooter or powerchair if you want complete peace of mind and low monthly payments.

All this is included in your lease:

A new mobility scooter or powered wheelchair every three years

We’ve got many great models to choose from, so you’re guaranteed the perfect one for your needs. And if after 3 years you want a different model just ask (prices vary) or we’ll replace your current model with a brand new version. Or simply return it to us to end the agreement.

Breakdown assistance for your mobility scooter or powerchair

24 hours a day, 365 days a year. If you break down or get a puncture that prevents you from being able to get home, our partners at Premiercare will help get you, and your mobility scooter or powerchair home so your dealer can do the necessary repairs.

Insurance cover

You are covered in case of an accident, damage or theft, with no excess to pay. The Premiercare insurance also covers you against any damage caused by your scooter or powerchair to other products, property or people.

Battery replacement

Your mobility scooter or powerchair will come with a battery as standard so all you have to do is keep it charged. However, if anything goes wrong with the battery through normal every day use, it will be replaced, free of charge.

Replacement tyres

There is no need to worry about punctures or damage to your mobility scooter’s or powerchair’s tyres as we will always repair or replace them whenever there is a problem.

Servicing, maintenance and repairs

To keep your mobility scooter or powerchair reliable and in good condition all servicing and maintenance is included as part of your worry-free package. All non-cosmetic repairs, any replacement parts needed and labour – all included in the price. Including picking up from your home and returning.

Customer service

You can call us any time on 0845 463 5089 if you have any concerns or questions.

Why Heart of England Mobility?

  1. We believe our lease prices are the lowest in the country
  2. We provide free in home demonstrations
  3. We are a family run company
  4. We provide fantastic customer service
  5. We supply only the very best products

Why Lease a Mobility Scooter or Powerchair?

  1. You’ll get a brand new scooter or powerchair every 3 years
  2. There are no worries or concerns, we take care of everything
  3. There are no unexpected costs or repair bills
  4. Spread the costs with low monthly payments
  5. Complete peace of mind.

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