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Mobility scooters and powerchairs

Choose from a fantastic range of Rascal mobility scooters (including transportable mobility scooters, mid-sized mobility scooters and performance mobility scooters) and powerchairs (including compact powerchairs, mid-range powerchairs and mid-wheel powerchairs). You’ll find that we can supply you with the right mobility scooter or powerchair for you.

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Compact powerchairs

Compact powerchairs are designed for manoeuvrability and are perfect both indoors and outdoors. They are compact in size, making many of them easily transportable and are great for navigating around the house or around the shops.

Mid-Range powerchairs

Mid-range powerchairs are robust and durable. They are designed for travelling that little bit further or over more challenging terrain. Comfortable and practical.

Mid-size scooters

Mid-size mobility scooters are perfect for everyday use. Whether driving around town or going to meet friends, mid-size scooters are practical, manoeuvrable and expertly proportioned.

Mid-wheel powerchairs

Mid-wheel powerchairs are powerful and manoeuvrable, designed for the most demanding of tasks and lifestyles. Comfortable and an effortlessly smooth ride make these powerchairs an excellent choice.

Performance scooters

Performance mobility scooters are for those people that demand a little bit more. Travelling at up to 8mph, these road going, class 3 scooters are designed with comfort and performance in mind.

Transportable mobility scooters

Transportable mobility scooters are designed to easily separate into smaller components so that they can easily fit into a car boot. Light weight and collapsible, you can take your mobility scooter with you wherever you go.

Our Great Value

Lease Package

If you are interested to find out more about our fantastic value for money lease package, follow the link below We lease mobility scooters and powerchairs to customers in the Midlands region, including Birmingham, Coventry, Oxford, Nottingham, Leicester, Derby and everywhere in between.


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